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This is one of the latest technology in high quality printing.

These panels are made by infusing special dyes directly into coated aluminum sheets using the renowned Chromaluxe patented materials.

The metal prints are vibrant and the luminescence, the glossy surface reflects like a mirror & the quality it produces is par excellence.

Most importantly, these panels are Waterproof, Scratch-resistant, fire resistant & very long life.

Photocenre with its partner in the region will work with you to create art that is unparalleled to any medium. We cannot offer not only the print on aluminum, but also directly onto MDF panels. Making a new concept in Photography as an art form. You can create tabletops, counter tops, signage, table frames, and a whole range of new ideas.

A white base finish, which will ensure true whites, deep blacks and an incredible depth of color to your print. This finish looks great with any type of image especially artworks.

A white base finish that offers a softer, smoother finish compared to the high gloss finish. This finish has less sheen and looks great with portrait & wedding photography.

Allows for the silver metal surface to show through the gloss coating. This finish provides a metallic look with a very luminescent finish. This finish intensifies the color as the light reflects off the aluminum.

The metal plate hanger is a simple way to hang your print. This option will float your print off the surface of the wall.

Framing Options
A frame can add a distinctive & elegant look to your metal print. We offer many different types of frames.

Rounded corners
Rounded corners are available at no extra cost. If you are hanging your metal prints in areas where people may contact them or where people are located underneath the hanging print, then the round corners would make your panels safe from hurting someone, besides that they look very elegant.