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Photocentre offers a widest choice when it comes to printing on Canvas, We produce high quality canvas prints on various finish like Artist Canvas Matte, Artist Canvas Satin, Artist Canvas Glossy, Metallic Canvas,

Outdoor Canvas and last but not the least our famous Traditional Canvas (Photos mounted on Adhesive coated Canvas), this probably is not done by anyone in Oman except for Photocentre.

Our Canvas print is the most favored material for printing art.

There are variety of Ultra Violet laminations that we offer for our canvas prints, which make them more beautiful, extends their life and make them almost scratch resistant.

Stretcher frames for Canvas: We offer custom-made Stretcher Frames for your canvas in various thickness, we have produced some nice stretcher frames for over 5 meter wide canvases. We also provide a wide variety of beautiful frames that enhance the beauty of your canvas prints.

More than 50 percent of the prints that Photocentre produces are on canvas material.

Art paper print:

Besides canvas prints Photocentre is also famous for printing on Art paper like Smooth art paper, Ultra smooth art paper, Texture art paper, Velvet art paper & many more. Art paper from EPSON are one of the most favored print material & together with Epson Professional Printers, Photocentre produces the best of the art prints.

Our replicas look almost like their originals