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Thermal Photo Printers ASK-300

High quality mode: enabling a sharper depiction of letters, narrow lines all white realizing high-contrast and deeply refined images more naturally

Matte finish mode: making luxury and cool feeling prints by performing special processing to the ink-ribbon and paper without exchanging them. It shall be used together with High-quality mode

Compact size: this compactly designed 170 mm-high printer can be installed in an area equivalent to A3 paper size with minimal interference

Easy operation: replacement of paper and ink ribbons is easily performed by pulling out the front panel of the printer

Dust-Proof Design to Protect Prints from Dirt: a separator creates different passages of air for the thermal head and power supply. The high air pressure in the printer prevents dust from entering

Energy Saving Design: with power consumed in sleep mode, only 0.5W or less, the printer contributes to energy saving and cost reduction