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Photocentre is one of the leading frame maker in Oman & has been in this business for more than 30 years. We produce best quality frames in the Sultanate may it be Wood, Metal or Polystyrene Fibre Moulding.

We offer frames for all budgets with a large variety to choose from. Our beautiful frames with the permutations and combinations of Mount Cards, Slips and Inner Frames can produce an unimaginable variety of styles.

Photocentre is highly reputed for its premium quality wooden frames, which are sourced from Europe & Italy. We use high quality of accessories from UK even for very low budget frames. Most of the frames done in market look good from front, but when you see the backside of the frame then even an ordinary person can judge the quality & that’s where Photocentre is different from others.

We offer custom made Stretcher Frames for your canvas in various thickness, we

have produced some nice stretcher frames for over 5 meter wide canvases.

We have a big team of framers, who have experience from 3 years upto 20 years and each one of them is a professional.

We have done the biggest as well as highest numbers of frames in Oman. We have been awarded some of the most prestigious framing projects in this country.

Photocentre has long list of its cliental in both in government as well as private sectors. Hence we cater our services from private residences to the top most 5 Star Hotels to various Ministries and to the Royal buildings. We have undertaken many large framing projects in the Sultanate.