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PHOTOCENTRE has been the benchmark of quality for the last three decades when it comes to lamination and Mounting. We use European machines from various reputed companies like Adenco, Hotpress, Zenith Art and more. The raw material is sourced from Canada, UK, Germany and Korea.

Photocentre is one of the very few companies that use Vacuum Heat Press technology to laminate the print & canvas, besides the regular Roller laminators. The laminations films are sourced from Canada or Europe.

The laminating films come in various finish like Matte, Satin, Glossy, Sand Texture, Deep Water (Category of Glossy finish), Soft Water (Category of Glossy finish) & more. These Ultra Violet lamination films enhance the life as well as the beauty of your print, these coating make your prints almost scratch as well as water resistant.

When it comes for Exhibition display of your photos or artworks, Photocentre has a team of experts who can mount the them on various types of boards like Kapa Boards, Foam Boards, Forex Boards, Aluminum composite panels and MDF Boards.

Besides the regular Foam Boards that come from Korea, we also use very high Quality Original Kapa Boards in various thickness and colors. These Kapa Boards are sourced from Germany. We can mount your Photo prints on single piece of Kapa Boards for the size 300 x 150 cm.

Traditional Canvas Mounting:
The traditional canvas is produced the three steps: First laminating your print, then carefully peeling off the thick paper from the rear of your photo, thus leaving only the emulsion side of your photo stuck to the lamination films and then finally mounting it on a coarse finish Adhesive Coated Canvas that comes from Canada. Photocentre had been pioneer in this service and it is still our expertise. Photocentre is probably the only company in Oman that provides this elegant service especially for size up to 240 x 120 cm.