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What is a Plexiglass ?

Plexiglass is nothing but very high quality acrylic sheets, the problem with the common acrylic sheet is that it becomes dull & yellowish in just a few years and gets the scratches very easily, whereas Plexiglass last very long, sometimes up to 30 years.

Plexiglass is more transparent than even glass and allows more light to enter. Glass allows about 80% of light to pass though it, but Plexiglass allow 90% to pass.

This is one of the latest technology in high quality printing.

How the panels are made?

The Plexiglass panels are made by sandwiching a high quality photo print, preferable on Metallic Paper with Aluminum Composite panel at bottom and Plexiglass on top. This is done in high precision using ultra clear face mount adhesive.

The Plexiglass panels look very vibrant and the luminescence, the surface is high gloss, which reflects mild metallic effect of the print.

This are usually made borderless, so that it gives a floating effect on the wall when hung, but if required this can be easily framed.