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Time Lapse

Over period of time, PHOTOCENTRE has grown to be one of the leading and trusted names in Time Lapse photography regionally. Today, PHOTOCENTRE is doing short-term Time Lapse and long-term Time Lapse – over period of two to three years. We have developed gears to withstand and perform with precision in the tempratures of the region, few of our cameras are installed in the desert and performed to take time lapse over period of 24 months and above, with a solar panel as a power source to run the camera. We are using the Canon Digital SLR and Fujifilm DSLRs cameras for the same purpose.

There are some subtle differences among SLR cameras, when considering a long-term time lapse project. For instance, when externally powered, some SLRs do not shut off the metering within the camera. Also, SLR manufacturers are famous for using proprietary connectors, which increases the price of the cabling. Our latest recommendation for a good quality, low cost, small, highly compatible camera for this purpose, the Canon Digital Rebel series or a Fujifilm XT-1.